Outsourcing For Your Medical Practice

by Michele Carter-Graham on April 10, 2010

Outsourcing your insurance billing and credentialing to contract with insurance carriers is the wave of the future. Time is money. Your staff needs to focus on treating patients. Outsourcing your billing and credentialing frees up time in your office to take care of your patients more effectively.

Medical Billing:

Insurance billing and verification of patient benefits is one of the most time consuming tasks in any medical office. There are times when verifying patient benefits, a person could be on hold up to an hour waiting to speak to a customer service representative. Outsourcing this part of your business relieves your staff of precious time needed for patients. As far as insurance billing, focus is of main importance. When entering charges and payments, there can be no interruptions. When this task is performed in the medical office setting, there is more chance for error. When you outsource this task, you have someone who is totally focusing on your practice, without the interruptions that usually occur in the medical office setting.


Credentialing has a well-earned reputation as a labor-intensive, tedious process, that until recently, was primarily performed in the hospital setting. In order to comply with the current requirements of regulatory governmental agencies and insurance providers, credentialing has taken on a new dimension. The process is more complex, requiring sophisticated new software and computer programs. Credentialing is no longer a part-time assignment; it requires the full-time attention of trained credentialing specialists.

When performing the task of credentialing in the medical office, there is no time for tracking receipt of contracts by the carrier or for getting information necessary to credential and contract the provider. Again, outsourcing this task allows more time for your staff to take care of your patients.

About Michele:
Michele Graham is the CEO of Professional Healthcare Management, a leading provider of medical business management services. Professional Healthcare Management started in 2003 and offers services to all medical professionals for credentialing and insurance contracting. We have performed services for over 3000 providers and multiple hospitals, surgical centers and wound care centers. Our fees are competitive and our staff is comprised of experienced professionals with years of experience in the healthcare industry. Michele has over 40 years experience in healthcare and we welcome anyone having issues getting contracted or getting paid. We try and negotiate better reimbursements for each and every provider....call for more information!

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