Joining Insurance Panels in Texas…

by Michele Carter-Graham on April 9, 2015

Texas is not an “any willing provider” state and therefore contracts with all insurance networks must be requested.  Many insurance companies have a “nomination” page on their site where interested providers may apply.  Our experience tells us that these nominations sometimes get “lost”.  Our company has relationships with all insurance networks and we have a great track record of getting providers in the networks they want to be in.  If you are having issues getting in network, please contact me at

About Michele:
Michele Graham is the CEO of Professional Healthcare Management, a leading provider of medical business management services. Professional Healthcare Management started in 2003 and offers services to all medical professionals for credentialing and insurance contracting. We have performed services for over 3000 providers and multiple hospitals, surgical centers and wound care centers. Our fees are competitive and our staff is comprised of experienced professionals with years of experience in the healthcare industry. Michele has over 40 years experience in healthcare and we welcome anyone having issues getting contracted or getting paid. We try and negotiate better reimbursements for each and every for more information!

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